Friday, October 16, 2009


Today we are looking a little more closely at the Vintage Circus Party theme - a really wonderful unisex theme that is fun for all ages. This party theme is a particular favourite because it was the catalyst for I LOVE PARTIES. I chose this theme for my son's first Birthday and it was a huge hit.

  • Set up a fairy floss / peanut / popcorn stand. If your budget permits, why not hire a fairy floss or popcorn making machine.

  • Scatter or hand out some red and/or white admit one tickets.

  • Make some signs for the "Big Top Buffet" and "Big Top Bar".

  • Set up a "big top" in the backyard and drape it with red & white striped fabric. Alternatively, find or make some red & white striped fabric and string up a "big top" against a wall inside.

  • If your budget permits, and the party goers are of the right age, why not hire a clown.


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