Thursday, August 19, 2010


My wonderful photographer Jill from took these gorgeous pics of the I LOVE PARTIES tea party setting.

The divine cupcakes and teapot cookies were supplied by Libby at Polka Dot Cookies.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I was very honoured to assist with Jasper's first Birthday party. However, the trick was to create a 1st Birthday party that could morph into Grandpa's 70th Birthday party later in the evening.

His mum had a Wonderland party in mind, and we decided to seek inspiration from the world of vintage oddities and curiosities. A great theme for boys, young and old.

I have attached my inspiration board below...

I really apologise for not properly crediting all the photos, but I have lost my list of sources. If your pic is on the board, and you would like me to add a credit, please acccept my apologies and send me an email to let me know.

I sourced these great posters via

I bought lots of old-fashioned apothecary bottles and custom made "Eat Me" and "Drink Me" tags to hang around the bottle necks.

We ordered some extra large round red balloons to decorate the rooms.

I made some favour bags with custom "Take me" tags - they were super cute - I wish I had a better picture.

Navy blue, red, brown, black and ivory lanterns and fans were strung up around the room.

Red, blue and white jelly beans to fill the jars came from, as did the giant red jaffas.

Vases for "grown up lollies" were filled with clear-wrapped nougat, Italian almond biscuits and Whittakers chocolate bars.

For little ones, there were soft chicos and gold coins.

I found an old globe to use as the table centrepiece.

All finished off with a custom made I LOVE PARTIES Happy Birthday banner!


My little strawberry friend Zara had her 1st Birthday not long ago and we celebrated with a very cute party thrown by her lovely mum, Celie.
There were strawerries and cream, jaffas, strawberry topped cupcakes, a super strawberry cake, cute kraft favour bags and bottles of bubbles decorated with scratch'n'sniff stickers.
Here are some pics, incorporating some items from the I LOVE PARTIES range.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Apologies for the long absence...the reasons are boring, so I will spare you the details!

I have FINALLY got around to putting the following new products in the SHOP.

Winners' Trophies

Classic Pinball Games

Vintage-style Clown Lolly Bags

Surfing Tattoos
Stick Pencils

Lots more updates coming soon, including some gorgeous parties we have made or contributed to.

PS Please catch us in the latest issue of SHOP4KIDS magazine and PEEKABOO magazine