Sunday, October 25, 2009


Today we are looking at the garden tea party more closely - a beautiful and classic party, which suits ladies of all ages.

Here are some tips and suggestions to compliment you I LOVE PARTIES selections:
  • Put your china collection (or your mum's!) on display (out of reach of little hands obviously). If you can't readily access a collection, you can hit charity stores (or eBay) to create a new collection relatively inexpensively.

  • Vases of beautiful fresh flowers are a must. Scatter little bowls of sugar hearts or cubes and other old-fashioned lollies around the room.

  • Serve up scones with jam and cream, tiny sandwiches cut into hearts, circles, etc. using a cookie cutter, raspberry tarts, chocolate covered strawberries, delicate cookies or petit fours, butterfly cupcakes, pink lemonade or flavored iced tea.

  • Fill your I LOVE PARTIES favour bags with “silver” teaspoons, kids tea bags, conversation hearts, and bottles of bubbles.

  • Act as “hostess” for the day by donning a frilly white apron and giving your guests short run-down of tea party etiquette.

  • Host some age-appropriate “ladylike” activities like making some pretty dried flower baskets, or decorating a hat or doorknob hanger with fabric paint and silk flowers.

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