Friday, October 9, 2009


Because we are new, I thought I might take some time out in October to individually profile each of our party themes and offer a few party tips and ideas .

Because my baby boy is completely obsessed with cars, I am going to kick things off with our vintage racing car party, which I happen to think is totally adorable.

Here are some extra bits and pieces (to add to your I LOVE PARTIES party pack obviously!) to create a fantastic party:
  • Make badges / t-shirts / old-fashioned driver hats for each guest with their name and a number on it. Dress yourself as a “Race Marshall”.

  • Create or purchase a black and white balloon arch to display at the entrance.

  • Create a “PIT STOP” sign for your food tables/area. Cut sandwiches with car shaped cookie cutters. Make some “Stop/Go” jelly moulds and a cake in the shape of a race car or racing track (you will find lots of images and inspiration online).

  • Use matchbox cars and/or vintage looking keys rings at a discount shop to fill your favour bags. We also recommend plastic trophies or ribbons as favours and/or awards.

  • Hold a "Grand Prix" in your backyard! Pre-make two "race cars" using cardboard boxes big enough for your guests to step into or break guests up into two teams to decorate their own team cars, setting one team up with a green kit and the other with a red kit (each containing supplies like aluminium foil, black plates for wheels, red/green wrapping paper, etc). Start and end the race with a black and white checkered flag. Each guest takes their turn to be the “driver”. Use cones to define the race track. For older children, you might want introduce some “PIT STOPS” like “change the tire”, “wash the windscreen” or “pump the gas”

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