Saturday, October 31, 2009


Well, it's virtually the end of the month, and I still have two party packs to feature...

Today we will take a close look at the Happy Hippie Party (so you will just have to hold your breath for the final profile in November).

If you child whittles away the hours talking to the animals and filling his or her face with dirt, then this might be the party pack for you...

Here are some tips and suggestions to compliment your I LOVE PARTIES Happy Hippie Party Pack:
  • Ask your guests to dress in their best retro gear. How adorable are these retro inspired little dresses from Pink Chicken in New York??

Photo from

  • Use native seedlings as table decorations.
  • Put some rustic pencils/crayons or natural wood necklaces/bracelets/toys in your I LOVE PARTIES favour bags.
  • Hit Ikea to find some funky Swedish food and tablewares.

All products found on - available in Australia.
  • Create make-shift tents out of sheets and scatter some cushions on the floor, or buy one of the gorgeous I LOVE PARTIES cardboard cubby houses that the kids can decorate themselves.

Photos found on Sam's Notebook from Juju books.

  • Decorate the party area with paper chains (use newspaper) and fabric strip banners (handmade and included in your I LOVE PARTIES party pack).

Photos from Sam's Notebook from Juju books

  • Serve up some fresh smoothies, veggies and dip and fruit skewers. You can also create yummy edible “creatures” (there are lots of gorgeous kid-friendly recipes online). See, for example, the Creepy Caterpillar recipe at
  • Try activities like sack races, a scavenger hunt through the garden, or a craft activity such as decorating mini terracotta pots (send guests home with a seedling to plant in their creation).

Photo from

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