Friday, October 9, 2009


Our second party in profile, we are looking at tips and suggestions to complement our old-fashioned pink carousel party:

  • Attempt a carousel inspired cake! Wilton made a carousel cake pan in 1990 that you might be able to pick second hand on eBay or similar. You can also buy a Wilton cake separator set (actually easier than it looks - you cook and decorate two separate round cakes and put one on top of the other)

  • Alternatively, you can leave it to the professionals. Look at some of the gorgeous carousel cakes from - these would go beautifully with the I♥PARTIES Pink Carousel Party Pack!!
  • Assemble and display the "Cut and Assemble and Old Fashioned Carousel" available at I♥PARTIES.
  • Download some Carousel music such as:"Come To The Fair" Old Time Wurlitzer Carousel Music, "Old Time Carousel Music" by The Wurlitzer Band Organ or "Carousel Memories" by Replica Wurlitzer Band Organ and Verbeeck Band Organ.
  • Hire a round white (or pink!) canopy to set your tables up under or to use as a play space. For a smaller version, Pacific Play Tents makes a gorgeous pink carousel play tent.

  • Serve up lots of pretty pink party food and drink like: creaming soda, marshmallows, cream wafer biscuits, rice bubble marshmallow treats, fairy bread...and don’t forget the fairy floss. If your budget permits, you might even think about hiring a fairy floss making machine. Bake some carousel horse shaped cookies using a carousel cookie cutter.

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