Friday, November 27, 2009


Today, I want to feature some very cute party pics sent in by mum, Amanda.

These party pics are particularly special becuase the party girl was/is lactose intolerant, but her very special mum worked some magic in the kitchen to ensure she still had an amazing birthday party...
Here are some ideas and tips to take away from her big day:

* Meringues are easy to do and completely dairy free so perfect party food.

* Most people put lollies into loot bags and with that not really being an option as most contain dairy I had pencil rolls instead which was a really big hit amongst the kids and had many mums and dads thanking me for not giving their kids sugar to take home.

* Royal icing fondant is dairy free so I rolled that flat and used a heart cookie cutter to cut out hearts and then pasted half a heart at a time onto the cake with jam

* Donuts usually contain dairy and are usually fried too, so I decided to bake donuts and ice them instead so much healthier and easily made dairy free.

Gorgeous. Thanks so much for sharing Amanda. You are in the running to win the Radio Flyer scooter for Christmas!

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