Monday, April 11, 2011


Well, it has been a long time coming, but Wills and Kate are finally tying the knot in what is sure to be an elaborate ceremony on April 29. A good friend of mine is hosting a Royal Wedding Party, which I think is a fabulous idea.

For those of you hosting (or thinking about hosting) your own Royal Wedding Party here are some of my tips and suggestions...

For those of you not already aware, Kate's mum owns her own very successful party supply business in the UK - see So what could be a better talking point for your party than ordering your party supplies from the bride's mum!

Party Pieces also happens to stock my favourite party setting for a Royal Wedding Party - the British Street Party set, some of which is pictured below. How cute are the napkins! The same range is available at quite a few different online stores, and if you have left your run too late to get it shipped from the UK, Lark Handmade stock it here in Australia.

Google "britannia" and you will find lots of Union Jack themed party gear, like these retro party poppers.

Meri Meri make these very cute cupcake liner and topper packs - available via lots of online stores.

I am generally pretty anti-tacky party supplies, but I spotted this lifesize cutout - which is clearly a must have at any royal wedding party, although I'm certain shipping would cost more than the cutout itself!
As for food, think anything with Her Majesties royal endorsement...

For something more substantial try Scotch Eggs, cornish pasties, homemade pies, sausages, sausages...or sausages1 If you go with meat cooked in the least appetising way imaginable you are probably on the right track!
For sweets, there are actually lots of traditional English sweets that I love. In particular, trifle is easy to mke and (almost) always a crowd pleaser. Or a simple sponge cake is lovely for a daytime affair.
If you have some Wedgewood pieces stored away, now is the time to set them free. See also these gorgeous Wedgewood inspired cookiees and cakes.

Serve up refreshing pimms and lemonade/ginger beer with slices of lemon cucumber strwberries etc and Bollinger champagne (if you have a royal sized budget).
Round the meal off with the Twinings tea of your choice.
Finally, if your husband is planning to stick around for the event, you will probably need a supply of these...

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