Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I am sorry for the delay posting some of the entries in our party competition. We had my sister's weddding on the weekend and it was a big and beautiful event (pics to follow soon), so I am just catching up on lots of orders and other bits and pieces, like updating my oft-neglected blog.

Anyway, I want to say a big thanks to those that have already entered the competition and encourage everyone else to do the same. It really is a lovely prize - details in posts below. And given the distractions of the past week, I am happy to extend the entry date until next Wed 24 November, which still gives me time (I hope) to post the calendar out to the lucky winner in time. Send your entries to

Here are just a few of the entries already recieved...

Dana's 36th Birthday Tea Party
These cupcakes are absolutely perfect - total pretty, vanilla buttercream goodness.
And I love the wrapped chocolate bar favours - simple, cheap and high-impact.
For more photos see Dana's Flickr Photostream here and be sure to check out her other cupcake photos, like I did.
Dana, if you have a business, please let us know, becuase your creations are really beautiful and we would love to refer people to you...

Indigo's "Flying High" Welcome Party

Here are just a couple of beautiful photos of the sky inspired party thrown by mum Renee for her little boy Indigo to welcome him to the world.
Such a fresh and lovely theme - and fantastic for boys with all the shades of blue to play with.
I immediately fell in love with the lettered biscuits and the beautifully detailed favour bags.
For more photos of this beautiful party, see Renee's blog here.

Emma's Eco Fairy 6th Birthday Party

Again, just a couple of the gorgeous photos submitted by lovely mum Joanne.
I chose these two because I think the favour bags are just so pretty, and the room set up is just so welcoming for budding little fairies (love the mini-sized chairs and tables, which I know you can hire out).
Ruby's 3rd Birthday Circus Party

I am a such sucker for a Circus party - of all the party themes out there, this is my absolute No.1. I chose these two pictures because (a) I think the party girl looks adorable in the photo above left, (b) our fabulous Retro Wagon Popcorn bags are featured, (c) I think the cupcakes with personalised toppers look amazing (those moulds are perfect) and (d) I think the parachute is an absolute winner.

Hugo's Woodland 1st Birthday Party
Here are a few pics from an incredibly impressive party for Hugo hosted by mum Belinda. I love the red, white and blue theming. The little birds nests and marshmallow "toadstools" are totally irresistable, and I love the gift-wrapped sultanas displayed in the retro suitcase (a very clever way to blend in things that otherwise don't quite "fit" on the table).
You can see more photos of this fabulous party here.
Baby Shower by Vicki
I just love this table set up with the little blocks, the big beautiful bunch of daisies (so so perfect for a baby shower I think) and I absolutely love the idea of floating a single rubber duck in a large vase - so striking.
The quality is so unbelievably high, I have no idea how I am going to pick a winner!


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  2. Thank you so much for posting my pictures. I am not in business, I tried but much prefer baking for people I love. Thanks again