Tuesday, January 26, 2010


In honour of our nation's birthday, over the coming few days, I've decided to look at a few Australian childrens' literary classics (Snugglepot and Cuddlepie, Ginger Meggs, Blinky Bill and the Magic Pudding) in the hope of inspiring you all to throw a similarly themed parties.

I found very little inspiration for these themed parties online which means that (a) not nearly enough people are being inspired by these gorgeous old books, and/or (b) people are shy about sharing their ideas online. If you fall into the latter category PLEASE send me your photos and ideas - I'd love to see what you have done.

First, up....SNUGGLEPOT AND CUDDLEPIE. My favourite childrens' books of all time, penned and illustrated by the wonderful May Gibbs.

This theme would make for a magical first birthday or baby shower...

- Ask guests to dress up as their favourite characters from the books (boys will no doubt enjoy dressing up as the evil Banksia men!). Alternatively, make each of your guests a skirt from gum leaves threaded on twine and make or buy some simply green or brown beanies as party favours.

- Decorate the tables with Australian wild flowers and gumnuts. Use vintage table cloths or cloths with a wildflower print.

- Buy party invitations from the Nutcote shop, http://www.maygibbs.com.au/. If you live in Sydney, you can even hold the party at Nutcote (May Gibbs' old home, and where she wrote the books).

- Make a banner of gum leaves strung with twine.

Alternatively, you can download "printable" gumleaves, such as the images above, from http://www.treeproject.abavic.org.au/pdf-articles/Australian-Gumleaves.pdf

- Use eco friendly plates, cups (we stock these in the I LOVE PARTIES shop) and wooden cutlery.

- Serve up some cupcakes decorated with wild flowers and/or berries.

- Have jugs or bottles with labels: "Wattle Nectar", "Blossom Juice" and "Gumnut Soda".

- This is an ideal party to hold a little treasure hunt in the garden. Make a little map and hide some little creatures for them to find along the way. Go for other old-fashioned games, like sack races (sacks available from I LOVE PARTIES) and egg and spoon races.

- Send guests away with some wooden pencils or crayons, Snugglepot and Cuddlepie stickers and a pressed leaf bookmark (or use the printable download above) all in a brown kraft paper bag (available from I LOVE PARTIES).

- Alternatively, send your guests away with their own native seedling.

Photo from blog.idoityourself.com.au

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