Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Today we feature an AMAZING Lego birthday party. These pics have been sent to us by Carol, mum of Lego-mad Addison (6).
[Click image below to see larger view]

The details of this party are simply INCREDIBLE...read on and enjoy!
  • The invitations featured a photo collage of him with his latest creation; the Lego Police Station.

  • When each child RSVP'd I asked the parents for a recent photo of their child. I used these photos to create a Lego, photo caricature of each child. The girls had pink shirts and hats while the boys had red and blue. These little Lego people then featured on their party favours, along with selected Lego characters and their names printed using a Lego style font. Rather than just using bags with lollies, I made ceramic mugs for each child. Inside each mug was a fridge magnet with their Lego person photo and a few yummy treats.

  • I had fun with the cake, although it did take ages to make. The kids all had coloured tongues after eating this creation!

  • We mostly played traditional party games including sack races, pass the parcel, water balloon basketball, limbo, etc.

  • I also made a Lego brick piniata with my son out of papier mache.
Well-done Carol, and thanks so much for sharing. You are in with the chance to win the Radio Flyer scooter!

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